Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Online Japanese Knitting Pattern Websites

Every time I find a website on the Internet about Japanese Knitting patterns or Japanese Knitting books, I create a bookmark in my favorites. Here is what I've collected so far:

Crafting Japanese Knitting Books
This is the knitting section on the larger Crafting Japanese website dedicated to all kinds of Japanese crafts. Each blog entry has a picture of the cover of a Japanese Knitting book as well as links to photos from the book.

ABC's Of Knitting
This site has some great resources that I use all the time to help with figuring out my Japanese knitting patterns:
How to Read Japanese Graphical Knitting Charts
The Basics of Japanese Knitting

Knitting Elegance KAL
This a Knit Along blog about Japanese knitting patterns and the beautiful designs from the Japanese 'Let's Knit Series' books. There are some book reviews, photos of knitted swatches, and finished objects by members of the KAL. The posts I've found to be the most helpful are the Samples of Japanese Knitting Symbols - blog posts

Japanese Knitting Symbols
Has pictures of pages from the Clear & Simple Knitting Symbols book.

Japanese Knitting Books
Has pictures of and reviews of several Japanese Knitting Books.

Habu Textiles Japanese Knitting Diagram Help
Shows a partial knitting diagram and explains knitting direction, number of stitches to cast on, and how to read increases/decreases.

Interpreting Japanese Knitting Symbols and Charts
This is the most comprehensive online resource for reading Japanese knitting patterns that I've found on the Internet. I highly recommend it because it translates several of the most important Japanese knitting words, has a needle conversion chart, and walks you step-by-step through a Japanese knitting pattern. It is available in PDF.

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