Sunday, December 2, 2007

Converting Japanese Knitting Pattern Measurements

I've started the process of converting the Sleeveless Sweater pattern. This is from a free Japanese Knitting Pattern for a vest and a set of wrist warmers.

The first thing I have done is convert centimeters to inches in the measurements. The pattern has a diagram for both the front and back of the sweater vest.



I used Google to calculate the values for me using their "convert" search. For example, if you enter "convert 46 cm to inches", the search result will be:
46 centimeters = 18.1102362 inches.
Pretty cool, huh?

I rounded the measurements two places. I will wait to do the final conversion to fractions of an inch once I do the conversions to my size.

As you can see, the bust measurement is approximately 36 inches. So the next thing I need to do is convert the pattern to fit my bust measurement of 40 inches. One of the things I can't tell from the measurements is what the ease is. I think I'll add 2 inches for ease so that the top isn't too tight. What do you think?

Look for the next step in the conversion process later this week.

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